Wednesday, November 05, 2008


So i did this look yesterday, i was getting ready for when my babe got out from school cuz we were going to grab a bite to eat so here is the final result!!!

BTW: I am so glad to be part of history...I was watching last night all the cheering on T.v, it was awesome!!...Obama our New President!!


so-FEE_ah said...


jeSmakeup said...

oh la la gorgeous purple on you! i just did a purple look too =P

Neeyuh said...

Very pretty! I love purples!!

To answer your question, I section off the hair I'm using for the pouf and tease it like crazy then I take Pantene define and shine texturizing pomade and use it to smooth out the hair then I take a small clip and clip the hair and push it forward then take a bobby pin and put it behind that clip to keep it in place. Then adjust to make it bigger or even however you like it. I use Aussie awesome volume hairspray but I just do light sprays all over because too much hair spray makes it seperate well my hair at least. Hope I helped and it wasn't too confusing! =)

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