Sunday, November 23, 2008

Weekend mini haul...

So u guys know i love a good deal...I love shopping at Cherry Culture but i have seen that the L.A colors cosmetics are about $3 to $4 which is okay bt i was looking for an even better deal, so this weekend i went to a couple of dollar stores in search of these 5 Color Eye Shadow palettes and i found alot of colors at this one dollar store ...damn i forgot the name of it....well n*e ways i found some for a $1.29 each...and others for $1.50...I also went to melrose and saw awesome NYX e/l but I was with my hubby and he didnt let me buy them...sad...but i'll get them later, {maybe} these above were $1.50 @ Family dollar...i was kinda upset cuz they kinda look da same but oh well!!
these i got @ that store i forgot the name of...i dint buy all the palettes but almost...I'm kinda sad cuz i didnt find the one i wanted most which was "tease" but the lady there told me to check next week so i will...hopefully i find it :D..I'm working on how take good pix on swatches so if i get it ill post up some swatches on these palettes...
i really wasnt looking for an eyelash curler but u know i cant pass up a deal...i found this at the goodwill brand's marykay and it was only 99 works very well!!!


Tammy said...

Make sure to apply a good base before using these and apply your concealer afterwards..these eyeshadows have a lot of fll out.

Anonymous said...

those colors look amazing

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