Monday, November 17, 2008

Make up collection

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So i decided to post a blog of my makeup collection....i wasnt going to cuz i felt like crap all day [ Im sick : ( ] but i changed my mind so here it is...
I dont have any high end make up yet but...tomorrow ill hopefully be going to ulta with my friend annabel so ill see what i buy...


So this is the new set up i have now i got the idea of the black containers from Lady Lostris...and below ill show what exactly is in each drawer


so this is a top look..i have my mascaras and l/g that i hardly use..i have like double mascaras cuz i bought them when they were on sale...[2 for the price of 1]


so here i have eyeshadow palettes and singles


more eyeshadows


here are eyeliners, both pencil and liquid and my fave eyelash curler


here are lipsticks and l/g..the ones i use the most


more l/g and lip balms


this is mostly face stuff..concalers and foundations...and my elf all over cover sticks


here are colored e/l and NYX jumbo pencils


and this is where i previosly stored all my make up...but now it has only some of it and also my journals and misc stuff


top drawer my bigger palettes including my 120...


and the second drawer which contains face powders, blushes, bronzers and my L.A Colors loose e/s
so thats it....this is my makeup collection so far.....but I'm trying to stop cuz my hubby is getting kinda mad at me already...Im really trying ughrrrrr :(


Tammy said...

Nice collection!!!
There has to be something he spends money on too...just show him that your $15 at CVS every few days adds up to the same amount as his sneakers, video games, car accessories, or hat collection. LOL..that's what I do. =)

Kristine said...

ure really trying huh?! haha! :) wow.. you have alot. and gurl, u don't need to spend much on high end make up coz u rock it! u know make up and that's what matters!

Kristine said...

hey sofia, why don't you try getting some eyeko stuff. I swear it's not that expensive and they have the same pigments as pop cosmetics (available at sephora) I think pop copied them because some of their e/s palettes got the same format. anyhoo.. the code to use there is E123.

Vanessa M. said...

nice collection!!! where did you get those containers? the black ones? ugh! i soo want those!!

Lady Lostris said...

Hey there! I saw your comment on my post and checked out your collection. Wow! Lots of stuff girl. Don't you just love those black units?! I love the back part to put my lippies in them =)

KesHi@988 said...

Great Collection ! i'm Jealous! lol

Bye from Paris!

PiNKSUGARR said...

nice collection!

Anastacia said...

you 've cool collection!!!

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