Sunday, May 03, 2009

Bargains, Bargains, Bargains

Hey girls!!! so this weekend I bought me some thingies at Big lots, Ross and walmart..I only bought two!! this is a first.
This is what I bought @ Ross!!
this cute pink wallet..omg I fell in love with it..I love girly stuff like this, maybe I'm too old for it but whocares...I love it

I also bought this bag..I usually dont like huge bags like these but this one caught my attention..I so love it!!

Simple purple shirt :D
I bought these at Big lots..look at the prices...unbelievable!!

At Target I couldn't leave the store w/out purchasing this sonia kashuk bent e/l is AMAZING!!

I applied my L'oreal H.i.P cream e/ awesome!!

and at walmart I got two more rimmel london lippies..I've been wanting airy fairy...and I got Just so thanx to Katrina..she made it look I had to have it :D

DA gorgeous!!

oh and at payless I got thes cute flip buy one get one 1/2 off

So this was my weekend haul..I didnt buy so much makeup since I am waiting for my NYX cherryculture haul [I couldnt resist] and my avon haul...
I'll post them when I receive them!!!


LipStick Staiin said...

that wallet is sooo damn cute!! u have nice smooth lips.. unlike my chaplips.. errr i put lipstick n it starts to crack! bOooo


tiff said...

I love that wallet! I love Big Lots since I always find random hair products for almost nothing.

Chrissy said...

First of all, those are hot, hot lippies!! I'm starting to really really want to buy lippies. :(

Yay for bargains! I am in LOVE with that wallet you have there. Too bad I like bifold wallets, lol! You know. Guy wallets. I don't like my wallets thick and big.

I love that bag too. ^^

Sofee said...

to jes: My lips chap too...that's why I use softlips works better for me than carmex

to tiff:
I love biglots too..I always find a treasure

to chrissy:
once u start buying lippies u wont stop..I started with only two wetnwild lippies and I havent stopped :D

Anonymous said...

omg i'm dying over the bag and wallet.

the lipsticks are gorgeous; i think i might have to get some rimmel lipstick!! Gosh i got so much need to buys on my list this month lol xo

Erica said...

ooh! Which biglots do you go to? I have yet to find anything at biglots, I swear the biglots I go to have like 5 things in the beauty isle, not good! ...Yes, so please tell me which one!

Rochelle said...

Fabulous Haul ♥ Love it!

LINEA. said...

cute lippies! lol who deosnt love love biglots!

mzkrystall said...

that wallet is cute! and i see you got airy fairy by rimmel, i love that lippie!

Jasmin said...

love the new stuff ! esp. the bargains.. haha.. by the way, love the airy fairy look. I've wanted to try something similar to that, but haven't yet.

Chels said...

great haul! btw your new layout is cute! and i LOVE those flip flops!

Neeyuh said...

That purse is so cute! I'm totally lemming for that sonia brush! Pretty lippie colors you got, I swear you always make me want to buy more and more everytime you show new lippies lol.

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