Sunday, May 24, 2009

Review: Revlon falsies

So ladies I am here to review these revlon fantasy lenghts false eyelashes and revlon runway collection press on nails that were sent to me by the lovely Janet from revlon...I know many beauty bloggers have already done a review on these but here are my 2 cents, i really hope this is helpful :D

I'll start with the Fantasy lengths ...I tried Defining today and first of all let me tell you I am such a dummy when it comes to applying falsies..but I swear these have been the easiest eyelashes that I have applied...I have some other ones that I never use and forgot about since I couldn't apply them...but these babies were so easy to appy and I didn't have to mess with any messy glue..two of these come with self adhesive strips so I guess this made it so much easier to apply since I never know when eyelash glue is ready
So this is what I received:
Revlon Fantasy lengths: LUSH
This pair comes with maximum wear glue..these eyelashes are so crazy, I love them :D

Revlon Fantasy Lengths: BLACK-BROWN
Also come with maximum wear glue and are more on the natural looking side

Revlon Fantasy Lengths: DEFINING
These come attached with a self adhesive strip on the lashes and an extra strip on the packaging [very convenient]

Revlon Fantasy Lengths: INTENSIFYING
These are a little more glam...and also come with self adhesive strips

Final Verdict:
The good...very affordale [$5-6], easy to apply, variety of styles, come with dummy proof!!
The bad...self adhesive strips stick to your fingers alot, made a little tricky to apply [only flaw I noticed]

Now on to the revlon runway collection!! I so love these nails...once on they look so real, plus this little package comes with everything you need to apply these nails with precison and perfection, the only bad thing I see regarding these nails are these damn air bubbles I couldnt get rid off, but other than that these are beautiful...the designs are so pretty and they look like you spent so much money getting them professionally done, the medium lenght on these nails are perfect they are not too short or too long which allow you to basically do everything you normally do with no problem!!

Revlon Runway collection :STELLA

Revlon Runway collection :STARLET

These come with a nail pick, nail filer, and 3g nail glue

Well I hope this review helped a little
let me know if you need any more information!!


Chrissy said...

Thank you for this info, very useful!! :) I want the lashes.

Rai said...

Everybody got those! lol

mzkrystall said...

ahh i soo wanna try those falsies! no glue needed! i hate applying the adhesive!

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