Thursday, November 26, 2009

Review: L'oreal Colour Juice [sheer juicy lipgloss]

Hey ladies I know I haven't done a review in a good while..sorry!!
but here I am with a review of a lipgloss that has def become one of my faves:D

I own two of here for swatches

Price: $7-$8
Where you can purchase: Drugstores, some grocery stores, walmart, Target

Lasts long
smells great/fruity scent
goes on very smooth
great selection of shades
since its drugstore sometimes you can get buy one get one free

can be sticky
applicator tip may vary, some are round, some are slanted
some are sheer..others quite pigmented
price is a bit pricey for a gloss tube

I didnt know whether to place this as a con or pro....No shimmer or sparkle!!

so here is a demo of how pigmented these babies are:

these are my naked lips!!lol!!

and here they are with two swipes of the lipgloss...
So ladies I hope you liked my review and I hope it helps!!

♥Thanx for Reading♥


Maria Elizabeth said...

that's such a pretty color! l'oreal colour juice glosses are one of my favorites, especially in "watermelon crush."

♥ mia said...

wow u have really preyty lips! :) they look like they already have lipstick on!

Neeyuh said...

Thanx for the review! I always look at these but never get them maybe I'll pick some up next time there's a BOGO hehe! Oh and btw your lip swatches are always perfect, it takes me forever to get the right pic or angle lol. :)

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