Saturday, November 14, 2009

Tiny lipgloss haul....New fellow blogger

Hi ladies I bought some lip gloss when I went to buy groceries..I cant help but go into a store and "have-to" buy make-up, I really need help..."HELP ME!!!" lol!! well N*E ways This is what I bought!!!

Revlon lipstick & gloss..they had an instore coupon [$2.50 off], & two L'oreal color juice l/g

this lipstick has always caught my attention , so I finally bought it!! its a pretty shimmery pink

Revlon beyond natural lipgloss...awesome pigmentation and super creamy

tutti frutti...I got this because I saw it on two ladies blog...My Two Cents' blog & Le midget's blog

Grape Soda..this has totally become my fave!!!

oh and I thought I would show you ladies the different applicators of the l/g...I was surprised that the loral color juice lipglosses had diferent looking applicators, one is round and the other one is sorta slanted...

and you know I cant leave you ladies without here they are...hope this helps!!!

also ladies I thought you might want to check out a new fellow blogger....her name is Clara...go check out her blog and def subscribe!!!....Welcome to the Beauty blog world Clara :D

♥Thanks for Reading♥


rayqueenbee said...

Colors are very pretty, you definitely know where to get the great deals Sofee. Girl I think makeup is irresistible, it's just our new passion and we just can't stop buying.

Rai said...

You're a makeup addict!!! lol
I like that Berry gloss, so pretty!! I've been eyeing those particular Revlon glosses.

I followed her blog! :) She doesn't have comments enabled, so I can't say hi. lol

cLaRa711 said...

<3 Thanks For the shout out Sofee!

Gaby said...

The lipstick looks nice! I've been looking for a great pink lipstick for so long now. Ho and that Turtti Frutti gloss looks like Lancôme Juicy Tube in Berry Bold! I've always said that L'Oréal COlour Juice were the equivalent of Lancôme Juicy Tubes.

*Nehs* said...

hi soffe! how are you? thanks for leaving comment on my blog while i'm away. <333

i always love you haul post. the lipglosses, look very pigmented, are they? :) nice haul hun.

Anonymous said...

you are a make up addict!
wow... ;)

Fifi said...

Oh my. I keep seeing Revlon lipsticks everywhere... I really need to buy some too! We both need help. Haha.

I don't think the the beyond natural lipgloss is available here in Indonesia. Bummer. They look so creamy and pigmented!!!

lindah said...

I've tried the colour juice ones a longgg time ago! I ended up losing them :( but grape soda looks great :D I would think it's suppose to look PURPLE!

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