Thursday, August 20, 2009

Elf studio line blush & eyeshadow haul

so I have yet another that I waited on and got impatient with...I received my e.l.f package on tuesday..i waited for it for like a week and a day I believe...not too bad but bad for me because I have no patience...

so first off I got this for free for referring people..yay!! it looks all sweaty from it's long journey!!

I also got the new blush works awesomely I love it, I should have taken a pic of it sideways so you could see that it's kind of flat..I hope u girls understand me...

I ordered 3 e/s...
sand dollar to use as a highlight or lid color

amethyst because I love purples

and rasberry truffle because I love the name and also because the shade looked alot lighter on the website

I also ordered 3 blushes
a peachy one

a coraly one

and a mauvy one..I love mauve shades

and I got a back-up of the blush/bronze duo!!

and here are swatches of everything minus the lip balm..

I hope this was helpful to you ladies...have a good night, or day

-XOXO Sofy


Miss.Fab said...

Thank you soooo much <3
The eyeshadows look good>
I will be buying for sure :)

rayqueenbee said...

Thank you so much dear...Now I really know what to get. I love the blushes...gorgeous swatches!!

Rai said...

OOOH! Everything looks lovely.
I can't wait to get my goodies!!
I'm going crazy with all this waiting... geeez.

I have due to come on 24th and the other on the 26th. =/
I so hate they added those AFTER I ordered. lol They look nice.

xxNikkiDooxx said...

Hey Sofee, is candid coral and the blush from the duo similar?

Gel said...

nice swatches!

Chels said...

you have the best taste in blush! great haul

Tammy said...

Thanks for these swatches!! I'm a little disappointed that the eyeshadows aren't that dark in person, the website makes them look so pigmented.

Katrina said...

Wow, I wan't going to get any of the new blushes but Peachy Keen and Candid Coral must now be mine!

Sofee said...

@Miss.Fab ---ur welcome
@ rayqueenbee--- ur welcome darling glad I could help
@ Rai--the waiting totally sux..girl I saw the new l/g...they look so gorgeous
@ xxNikkiDooxx---they do look very similar
@ Gel ---Thanx
@ Chels --- Thanx darling
@ Tammy---ur welcome...btw they are all very dark colors and good pigmentation..
@ Katrina---thats what I said :D

Vanessa M. said...

ooo nice haul babe!

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