Sunday, August 23, 2009

Depotting my L'oreal Decrease

hey girlies so today I decided to depot my l'oreal decrease...I was surprised too see that alot of product was still left in there..why do these kind of primers have such sucky packaging....oh well!!

these are the materials I used..minus the measuring spooon [you will also need a knife to cut]

for a jar I used a l'oreal paris creme e/s I no longer used...I scooped out the shadow, washed it with dish soap and then sanitized it by cleaning it again with alcohol using some qtips

so I started by cutting back and forth

till I got a little past the middle of the container

then I separted the two halves[totally amazed by all the product that is still in there]

and used the wand on the package to start scooping out the product into it's new home

all done scooping out

I then used a toothpick to continue scooping out and kinda level off the top

ok so here is what it will look like in it's new home

TADA!!! now I have a new primer....

in a 3.5g jar

I finished it off by labeling it on the bottom...
I hope this helps..for more ideas on how to depot on video..check out some pretty awesome vids on youtube..thats where I got the idea, I think this method can also be used for the Urban Decay Primer potion
Take care
-XOXO Sofy


Makeup Mama said...

I know, super sucky packaging! I'm still using my udpp months and months after depotting and thinking it was all done.

on another note, how do you like the l'oreal decrease primer?

lindah said...

wow! I think it's like that for all packaging. If you really think about it, you really can't get all the stuff out ever! Esp. pump lotions man! I hate that and it bothers me because I can feel how heavy it is on the bottom! LOL xD

rayqueenbee said...

Nice, but be careful it tends to dry out when depotted. I depotted mines now its completely dried out!

Vanessa M. said...


Courtney!;* said...

thanks for posting this! i should depot mines soon.

ndoodles said...

The world would be a million times better if all the eye primers were in squeeze tubes! Ha ha... maybe not but you get my point.

Arezu said...

Damn, there was a lot left in there!
With my UDPP, I took off the stopper and that helps me get a lot more product without depotting it.

Erica said...

Great! now I know what to do if I ever need to depot this.
One thing is important, The new container should be a super-air tight seal due to it drying out fast. I think Enkore from youtube even suggested a plain unused lipgloss tube, like the ones by Stila. Those are air-tight and the stuff won't dry out.
I still have yet to depot my UDPP :/oh and I loooove your fotd from like 3 posts ago!

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