Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Dollar Store Haul

Hey girls So I went to the dollar store last monday just to look around and I ended up buying some things.. L.A Colors ar deco, hair clips, and some really pretty cups for my brushes...
they were like $1.25..so I got three of these
Black, Magenta, & Baby Pink

I needed some hair clips so I got these....$1

and OMG I so fell in love with these cups...arent they pretty!!!...$3

I got one for my face brushes..all I need to do now is buy those little bead thingies from michaels to make a "sephora-inspired" brush holder

and these are my eye brushes!!

and the maybelline mascaras were a dollar off so i picked up this one cuz I wanted to try it out after reading Tina Marie's blog!!

and this is what the mascara's wand looks like!!
well that's all ladies...have a great weekend!!!


Maria Elizabeth said...

nice haul! i got some of those artdeco nail design polishes today too, hehe.

lindah said...

I tried making a sephora inspired.. but the beady things I got were too big! So now I have to go get smaller ones... lol and you have tons of brushes :D I think more than me! That mascara used to be my HG in my early high school days :) I think it'll work out great for you!

Rai said...

I need to re-do my brush holder, I want it to be cute! lol

The LA Colors Nail Art are $1 at mine.

Arezu said...

Nice haul, you have A LOT of brushes, it must be a pain to wash them all, haha.

And I've always wanted to try Art Deco but we don't have that around here.

BECKY (Embrace Your Imperfections) said...

you have a lof ot brushes. how cool!!

KRYSTAL said...

woww thats alot of brushes! i love it!

Tina Marie said...

I love your haul! I wish I can find some Art Deco nail polishes at the dollar store where I live! And that cup looks so cute. Perfect for you brushes. :)

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