Sunday, July 26, 2009

New Studio line Products..check them out!!

Hey Ladies I hope u are all having an awesome and relaxing weekend!!! As for me I have just been here enjoying a nice quiet sunday...yesterday on the other hand I had a busy day...I went to work from 8:45 am-12:00pm, then @ 2 pm I traveled to my hometown for 4 1/2 hrs to see my daddy..visited him from 8-10 pm then at 10:30pm drove back home for another 4 1/2 hrs... got here at 3:30 am and was knocked out till 11 am, my hubby had it worse he had to be at work by 5:15am so he only slept like 45 poor baby :)
well n*e ways on to what I was here to say!! I was viewing the e.l.f website and found that they have lots of new studio line products, which I think I might purchase some...Im so tempted to do so, so here are some pics of their new items...ENJOY!!!
Eye Transformer

Shimmer Palette

C0rrective Concealer

Blush Brush

Kabuki Brushes

Brush Case

All Pic from


Chrissy said...

Thank you for the heads up, Sofee!

Melissa said...

the new studioline products look good! I'm eyeing the brushes + concealer palette!

none said...

You haven't seen this yet? lol
I want the blush brush! =D

♥ Kendall ♥ said...

I always forget about ELF! I don't know why they send me an email everyday. Those brushes look they they could use a new home in my house :)

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