Sunday, October 25, 2009

HUGE Collective Haul!! ++PIC HEAVY++

So I have another haul for u girls...I have been collecting all these things for the past month and a half..thats why all the pics are separated and all at different angles!!

so these things I got from Target and mac..I decided to give CG wetslicks a try because Ive never tried CG lip products and to my surprise they are super pretty shades and I love trhe consistency of these..I also got a Sonia Kashuk blush in Flamingo---a light baby pink shade, and from Mac I got a lipstick in Blankety--recommended by the makeup artist there, they are always so nice and also a lipglass from my wishlist in Cultured

and a while ago from CVS I went to buy a new REvlon cs foundation in Warm golden, Revlon Cosmetics were at BOGOF so I got a mineral foundation also..I havent tried out the mineral yet since Im still using my Maybelline mineral power one but well see how I like it..

From another visit to walmart I got a hard candy Kal-eye-descope baked e/s duo in rock n roll---super duper pigmented and another CG lip product---a l/s in Pillow pink---> also <3

then also a while ago from H-E-B I picked up..clean & clear moisturizer, 2 maybelline l/s, elf eyelash curler and an elf e/l pen...I bought another of these e/l pens because I already have one and I love it and didnt want to run out but I guess these arent all made the same because this second one I bought sux..

and from Big lots I bought this blush and whats below

I got a pair of e/l brushes, revlon l/s in pinkerbella-very hot pink shade, a revon cs l/s and a maybelline blush in pinch-o-pink---hot pink shade also

when I went to mac I also stopped bu f21 to purchase some earrings arent they cute??

these are how some of the products look like close-up

**excuse my terrible dry skin..this cold weather is kicking my Im a medical assistant always washing her hands!!lol!!!**

I almost forgot to mention these revlon brushes I got at wal-mart which I am in love with I have been using the blush brush everyday since I bought it

well this is all for now...

oh and since I have been watching alot of top ten Drugstore product videos on YT I think Im gonna do a post regarding this tag!! So stay tuned for now...TTYL



CHARRY said...

nice haul! :)

Nanzy said...

Holy major of HAUL !!!! =) love the lippies, Warm Me Up looks so pretty. What's the brand of the brushes you got @ Walmart?

Marisa said...

how lucky you are for having forever21 in your country.. such fantastic jewelry and clothes.. ;)
i wish i could buy some like that
i love blankety l/s also ;)

Arezu said...

Oohhhhh, you got a lot of nice stuff! I'm so jealous.

I wish Canada had a good selection of brushes, but we have like, nothing!

Chels said...

You are the perfect guide to lipsticks! lol you always have the best color choices

Lady Lostris said...

Nice haul! :)

Kitty said...

very pretty stuff!

rayqueenbee said...

Very nice goodies, I think everyone Walmart aprat from mines has Hard Candy because it pactically sold out in mine. I love pink lipstick and that Revlon one I will add to my list. Love the earrings and I will getting that Revlon blush brush, I have the e/s brush and love it. I always love your hauls.

ndoodles said...

Revlon brushes at Walmart?!? I must look - I need a new blush brush anyways.

Anonymous said...

aww you're so lucky you can wear those shades! i swear even the most subtle pink looks NEON on me haha yikes...thanks for your comment beautiful!! i lalalalove greens! lol

Jasmin said...

Awesome haul!

Jennifer said...

sofia! you love your pinks :)
They look good on you!

ericag said...

I love hauls!

I've owned the Pillow Pink before and hated it. Be warned, after a few hrs of wearing my lips developed like weird red streaks, which I think was red pigment used in the lipstick...afterwards it made my lips turn this weird pink red shade, eww...

Oh and I need to check out those Hard candy stuffies!
Thanks for sharing!

Chels said...

Hey I nominated you for an award! Be sure to visit my blog to check it out:

yummy411 said...

awesome haul!!

Anonymous said...

Everything is so pretty and pink! I really like the look of the Maybelline blush and lippies. Thanks for sharing!

lindah said...

I need to stop by my local big lots soon.. lol! They always have good deals :) and I don't like the maybelline lippies! They leave a yucky taste and the smell sorta bothers me a little :(

Gaby said...

Nice haul! Especially the lippies ^^ Those Maybelline lipsticks look good! I've been wanting to grab some, but it seems I can't find the right pink shade... but that Pink Please looks good!

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