Sunday, October 18, 2009

Last time I order from Avon + mini Avon Haul!!

So Im Here with an Avon haul and a bit of a this is my second time ordering from 2 different  Avon Reps and it seems like everytime I place an order...something happens and my order takes like 3 weeks for it to be delivered to me...I know the reps that I order from have a life and things happen but OMG for it to happen to me two times from different reps makes me think I should just give up on Avon..I am a very impatient person when it comes to waiting for packages that I'm really looking forward to so I guess this is a sign that I should just give up on placing orders from I really need to take it easy on my spending..Im gonna take it easy on my make-up hauling and spend my money on clothes and shoes....YAY!!

I ordered 3 lippies, 2 blushes, & 1 mascara

these are swatches w/flash

these are the swatches w/out flash

the only thing I dont like about the blushes is the packaging is too bulky

but the colors are AMAZING!!

fave of course is Rose lustre

and this mascara I already owned before and I threw it away a while back cuz it was time to, so I got it again...I <3 IT!!
So thats it I hope I can keep my word on less make-up hauling....BTW am I annoying you girls with all these "Haul"  posts?? I just cant seem to get any inspiration for other kind of posts I've been feeling super lazy latey..Hopefully I'll be able to sprinkle on some creativity on me soon!!lol!!!
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Rai said...

I never order from Avon Reps, I always order strictly from the website and I get it 3-5 days later. :)

I like the haul, and that Coral Radiance is a pretty blush!
I'm with you on the less money on makeup thing and more on clothes!!!

*Nehs* said...

i want pink tiara and plum craze lippies! i love pink and nude shades of l/s.

Chrissy said...

Oh I wish I had money to haul with..but I am now broke again (no surprise there! haha).

Nice haul! :)

♥ mia said...

it's a shame they took so long to arrive.. but i guess they are worth it because those lipsticks look absolutely fab!

Courtney!;* said...

nice haul. that pink tiara is gorgeous. &you are def not annoying me with the hauls! especially since i can't buy anything until Nov. :/
keep `em coming! :]

Aquaheart said...

I love haul posts, so no annoying here! hehe and have you tried Mark. prodcuts from avon? I really like them, and sell them also. Just wondering. great post! :D

Jasmin said...

Bummer about Avon.. I guess I can't say anything either, since I sell Avon/Mark. I know how it works, so I'm not sure if we all have the same reasons. I know, we can order ever 2 or 3 weeks. If we already ordered our regular order, then they are probably waiting for the next one, but you can ship a separate order, and it just cost a little bit more. And I think ordering online at the website take a litte more time then having a rep order..

Hope it helped, and sorry it happened twice already.

ndoodles said...

Haul posts are nice to have because then I see what you bought and it'll help me w/ my choices. I always get those emails about Avon cosmetics and their sales so if I do get something... you def. helped. Also, are those blushes shimmery... can you wear them in the day light and not be too obvious that there is glitter on your face?


OOh these are soo pretty!!! I love everything! The swatches are great and you have such luscious lips!!I think I might just start ordering cosmetics from AVON. I'm sorry that, that happened to you... Is it your seller or the company giving you your package late?

rayqueenbee said...

beautiful lip colors...Very cute haul dear!

Fifi said...

I love everything you bought especially the blushes. So pretty!

I've tried some stuffs from Mark when someone here opened an Avon shopping spree. I'm pretty surprised by how decent their stuffs actually are. I think if I lived over there I'd order a lot of stuffs from Avon!

xLovelyMakeupx said...

great haulage! awesome blog!

lindah said...

I like the wand on that mascara :)

Michele said...

You can always order direct from a reps site. I get a few out of my area customers and the regulars will get surprise gifts in the mail from me from time to time. I ask nothing in return but to share my link with others. If someone registers and tells me another customer referred them, i give them something special in their mail as well. Just a thank you for their services. I try to be very timely with my customers. Campaigns run 2 weeks. Once my order arrives (3 days after I place it) I get my deliveries done ASAP. If I have to mail an order myself and have received payment, I go to the post office the next day. I also have an Avon blog and reward people who write reviews for me! and

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