Thursday, September 10, 2009

Another Lippie haul??

So this post is to show u all my new lippies...Im also going to show u some other non makeup stuff I bought last weekend


Oh first off I realized I owe you some swatches from the previous maybelline quad I bought so here they are :D

ok so last weekend the hubby and I went to Burlington and I found this very pretty purse I fell in love with, I had to have it and for the price of $16.99 I definitely got it

I like the sectioning that helps me keep my purse a little more organized

I also picked up these peep-toe shoes that are so cute and were also a bargain for $9.99

ok so what did I pick up today???
I got two more N.Y.C liquid lip shines in PINK KISS & AU NATUREL...and the smell is definitely improved

remember I said I was going to pick up VIVA GLAM VI l/s? well me & my hunnie went to eat at the mall and I had to stop at MAC..I only picked up the lippie but I was so tempted to get more...maybe next time :D
and like always I got some swatches for u babes!!

they look so scary on the hand swatches but on the lips they are more natural looking



YingX said...

girl, your lips are so pretty. love the colors.

Miss.Fab said...

great swatches!

Jasmin said...

love the haul! cute lippies. The naturel looks gorgeous!

Vanessa M. said...

you and your i love your shoes btw :)

lindah said...

I can't do lip swatches :P *mustache* ahhaha xD but I want a viva glam lippie!! I might go get the red one, this one, and a nudie one? :)

ndoodles said...

Pink Kiss looks a bit frosty for me but I really like the others! Thanks for the swatches.

Have a great weekend!

rayqueenbee said... lip swatches ever, I love all the colors, now I want NYC lipgloss are so pigmented, love the lil handbag.

Fifi said...

Your swatches are like.. perfect.
And the MAC lipstick looks so gorgeous. I wish to have a MAC lipstick one day.. any suggestion of what I should get?? :)

Alyssa is the Queen. said...

I'm dying. the viva glam is so pretty. I see that you picked up NYX lipglosses ive recently fell in love to I just have beige but it's my fave! I have a lot of old makeup that is used but i could still swatch it. I think you would like hue from mac. It's the prettiest baby pink.

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