Sunday, September 13, 2009

NYX Round lippie haul + a little of something else

So let me start with my NYX haul...I ordered mostly round lippies that I had my eye on ever since I saw Shizznizzle's post...she made these lippies so hard to resist...I didnt order them sooner because I was waiting for a when they had free shipping a while ago I took advantage of the situation and just placed a small order

[Click to ENLARGE]

I also got the jumbo e/s pencil in Milk...I have a couple of the NYX jumbo pencils and I am thinking of desticking them...what do you guys think???..please let me know

Today I went to walmart and decided to pick up some cg e/s..I havent bought cg ina while because most of the e/s that I have bought before had sucky pigmentation...but somehow today I felt like getting some of their e/s and YES I was pleased with the pigmentation on these babies..especially the "blossom" palette

Oh and at walgreens I got some wetnwild stuffies...mostly eyeliners

The techno e/l was being a dummy....the tip of the pencil was all wiggly like it was going to break of...Soooooo I decided to destick it using the whole "melt in the microwave" method

and I love the this is why I am thinking of just doing this to all my NYX jumbo pencils

The consistency of my new "cream shadow" is kind of comparable to e.l.f duo cream e/s

So this was my haul for this weekend..I dont think Im picking up anything tomorrow I really need to slow down on the spending....

OHHH guess what my hubby won a brand new cell phone at work and the sweetest thing is that he gave it to me...isnt it cool???
well I'll let you girls go cuz it's almost 5 am and Im here blogging...*NIGHT LADIES!!!

BTW: Sorry If I bombarded u girls with pics


Rai said...

Lucky you! I couldn't make up my mind if I wanted to order from Cherry Culture. lol

I think I'm going to check my nearby Beauty Store to see what NYX lippies they have. They're 99cents.

NICE HAUL! Those Wet N Wild pencils are great, but they do smudge.

Cute phone! I like your new banner. Did you do it?

Nix said...

Hi! I would like to know,how do you make the eyeshadow pencils into creams??

Arezu said...

Ohh, nice haul! Techno looks like an eyeliner version of MAC's stars & rockets.

And I want to get NYX'S Jumbo pencil in milk too, but I have a feeling it'll crease on me. :/

donnarence said...

nice swatches for the nyx.. wow, i should have gotten frapuccino nice idea desticking (?? i don't know how to call it) the eyeliner... reallly nice

kimberley said...

I got nyx lippies in the post yeasterday and i have almost all the same colours as you lol

Miss.Fab said...

aww That was so sweet of him!

ndoodles said...

I like your entire layout - very adorable! Aw - looking at all those lipsticks make make want to rush to Cherryculture and order something. I guess I'll have to wait for another sale like you did :)

rayqueenbee said...

Great haulin...Ok I need to add NYX Fig and Paris to my wishlist. I am so stuck on pink lips lately...CG e/s are so pigmented and I love their textures too for the prices, but I always wait till my drugstores have a BOGO on them. I really like the color of the WnW antique amethyst e/l. You've just given me the best idea ever to even though I' did the same process to my Nyx jumbo pencil, don't know why I didn't think to do the same to my WnW pencil crayons. Thanks for sharing dear.

Alyssa is the Queen. said...

ooh let me know how Paris works out for you. I got it a while ago and used it a couple times and it just didnt do it for me idk why so i gave it to my mom but i love love love fig mixed with honey its kinda like a nude baby pink

Tammy said...

Your banner is cute!!!
You have a true lippie obsession!! lol

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