Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Dollar Store Haul

Hey girls So I went to the dollar store last monday just to look around and I ended up buying some things.. L.A Colors ar deco, hair clips, and some really pretty cups for my brushes...
they were like $1.25..so I got three of these
Black, Magenta, & Baby Pink

I needed some hair clips so I got these....$1

and OMG I so fell in love with these cups...arent they pretty!!!...$3

I got one for my face brushes..all I need to do now is buy those little bead thingies from michaels to make a "sephora-inspired" brush holder

and these are my eye brushes!!

and the maybelline mascaras were a dollar off so i picked up this one cuz I wanted to try it out after reading Tina Marie's blog!!

and this is what the mascara's wand looks like!!
well that's all ladies...have a great weekend!!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

New Studio line Products..check them out!!

Hey Ladies I hope u are all having an awesome and relaxing weekend!!! As for me I have just been here enjoying a nice quiet sunday...yesterday on the other hand I had a busy day...I went to work from 8:45 am-12:00pm, then @ 2 pm I traveled to my hometown for 4 1/2 hrs to see my daddy..visited him from 8-10 pm then at 10:30pm drove back home for another 4 1/2 hrs... got here at 3:30 am and was knocked out till 11 am, my hubby had it worse he had to be at work by 5:15am so he only slept like 45 min..my poor baby :)
well n*e ways on to what I was here to say!! I was viewing the e.l.f website and found that they have lots of new studio line products, which I think I might purchase some...Im so tempted to do so, so here are some pics of their new items...ENJOY!!!
Eye Transformer

Shimmer Palette

C0rrective Concealer

Blush Brush

Kabuki Brushes

Brush Case

All Pic from eyeslipsface.com

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Some new Lippies!!

So I love mauve l/s and I currently fell in love with these two revlon ones...they are super cute and I just wanted to share them with u girls!!

They are both super lustrous!!

look at how pretty they look

the swatches look pretty dark..but on my lips they go on a little lighter

Well this is all for now I hope u girls like these lippies as much as I did, I actually had my eye on them for a while before I bought them and now I love them..
Im still trying to get my mind straight and think of some ideas for posts, I promise Ill be back on the wagon as soon as i have everything back in order...
XOXO, Sofee

Monday, July 20, 2009

Feeling Relieved

So Ive had a very hectic week and weekend..my daddy is currently in the hospital very ill, so I have had to go and come to Brownsville because of his situation, he is currently in the ICU and I am so glad that he is finally kinda awake and talking to us..So my dad is suffering from a very serious illness..and we have all been there to support him, I was so glad to go visit him at the hospital and see many friends and family there to support him through his tough time..I know he will make out of the hospital because I know my dad is a fighter...we still need him here with us and I know God has been there by his side giving him strength to go on...and he has also with us!! So on Monday he was admitted to the hospital and on Tuesday he was put in the ICU, My sister Amy called and told me I needed to go over there because Dr's were saying he wasn't going to make it, so on Tuesday I got out of work early and left to Brownsville with the hubby, we came back Wednesday evening and I returned to work because he was doing a little better, then Friday my sis called again and said he had gotten worse so once again the hubby and I packed up and headed to b-ville, the whole time we were there he was just weak and asleep ..finally he spoke to me yesterday morning and he has been doing better...I just want him to get better and be home with my mom, little brother and sister, I know he won't be 100% better but just to have him be alive and functioning is enough for me..so i will just try to return to my normal routine and go see him this coming weekend! I do THANK GOD and everybody who has been there supporting my dad and us through this hard time!! I especially thank my husband because he has been by my side this whole time..I love u babe!!

PS. I will try and blog more often I just have to get my mind straight..please forgive my lack of posts!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

FOTD:L'oreal hip duos!!

So for my Sunday fotd I used 3 of my L'oreal H.i.P duos, I love it!!
"Flashy, Brazen, Flamboyant"
Im wearing my new F21 earrings..arent they cute!!
What I used to create this look:
Johnsons softlotion
Maybelline mineral power foundation
NYX concealer in a jar
Revlon c/s pressed powder

soft ochre pp
L'oreal hip duos in
L'oreal lineur intense e/l
styli style e/l
Almay triple effect mascara

softlips lip balm
wetnwild "525D" l/s
america's next top model "milan melon" l/g

so on the inner lid Im wearing the purple from flamboyant, pink form brasen is in my outer lid, the brown as my contour/crease, and the creamy shade from flashy as my highlight!!

I got my first Essence of Beauty brush...I love how big the brush is..i love it as a highlight brush!!

this brush was like 6.50..it is so worth the price

well this is all..I hope u girls like my fotd..Have a great week!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

FOTD: Inspired Green smokey look..using 120 e/s palette

Hey girls...how are u ladies doing?? well I have been very lazy lately...for some reason this summer is messing with my mood..it's way too hot here!! That's why I dont feel like going anywhere or wearing any makeup..but I've been watching videos from this awesome girl on youtube and she did this amazing look that I loved so I wanted to try it out

Here is her link: Simple Green Smokey Eye

I was going to wear the regular green shirt but I decided to change it up a bit!!

so here is a close up on the look...

I just realized I love brown as a crease/contour color :D



Johnson's softlotion

Rimmel Fix+Perfect

Revlon colorstay "Natural tan" + pressed powder

milani "mai-tai" blush


Mac pp "soft ochre"

E.l.f cream e/s

120 palette

L'oreal hip gel e/l

Rimmel mascara

revlon c/s e/l


Mac l/s pattiserie

NYX round l/g "cafe latte"

and this is the color of nail polish I am wearing..a nail polish by sinful colors called "Show Me The Way"

BTW...I am kinda on a no buying makeup moment!! I need to save up some money so I can either fix my current car or buy a new one...this totally sucks!!! oh but I did go to CVS today and bought an Essence of beauty e/s brush [I was tempted by Yingx's post]...I am so eager to try it out!!
Well this is i for now hope u like my inspired look...and be sure to check out her channel she is great...

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Mall Haul, notd,Possible swap

So the hubby and I were supposed to go buy groceries today but instead we decided to go to the mall..we were super hungry so we got some italian at the food court and then we went mall walking :D So I stopped by mac and forever21..I only go to forever21 to pick up accesories, obviously the clothes dont fit me! lol!! So this is what I picked up
I was doing my make-up and for some reason I was attracted to a wetnwild bright e/l so I went with my "bright feeling" and ended up doing this bright FOTD.."BTW much more brighter in person"

this is my whole haul

these are kinda like hoops but they dont completely close..I love the detail on them

and also got these cute rose earrings..aren't they super cute :D

at mac I was debating whether to get painterly or soft ochre so I asked the mua and she reccomended soft ochre so that's what I got :D

I'll prob end up buying painterly later

so i love nail polish but I rarely do my nails since I can't wear n/p to work so this is the color I painted my nails yesterday... I wish I could wear n/p everyday : (

I was first going to paint them a lilac color [NYC park avenue] but I decide to go with pink instead so I used NYC uptown [a baby pink]

I used SAlly hansen Hard as nails in clear as a top coat

and this is the lippie combo I was in love with this weekend

It's a prestie lipstick "desire" with an America's next top model lipgloss in "pinkliscious"

well I guess this is all!!!

BTW I have a brand new Sonia Kashuk blending sponge in a purple color..if anybody wants to swap..check it out here..I have a wishlist ------>

LMK if any of u ladies are interested :D

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