Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Covergirl/Revlon Lippies & NYC Foundation/Concealer

I went to my local H-E-B and purchased these two "new" products from N.Y.C, I got a concealer in medium and a foundation in medium...I haven't tried the concealer but from swatching it, it looks kind of I think it might not have very good coverage, but I did try the foundation today and I must say I really liked is super easy to blend and it has great coverage and the prize is AMAZING!!

I got the foundation for $4.99 minus a 50¢ in-store coupon!!!
and the concealer I believe was $3.99 minus the 50¢ in-store coupon.

The lipsticks  had a $2.50 in-store coupon!!
I paid $2.50 for each!!
From H-E-B I also got two Revlon l/s..this one is very gorgeous "watermelon" shade...I luv it!!

and I got a back-up of my fave

Cha Cha Cherry, Siren, Darling, Dazzle, Divine
Cha Cha Cherry, Siren, Darling, Dazzle, Divine

Thanks For Reading :D


EveryDay Makeup (becky) said...

I'll wait for your concealer review!!

Rinz said...

have u tried it?? i am sorry i cant open ur video o my phone ;/ i wont mind to see picture though :)

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