Thursday, January 14, 2010

A bunch of Hauling!!!

Hey girlies so I couldn't help myself and had to go to CVS and check out their sale...I got quite a few stuffies and was utterly amazed at how much I saved!!

so this is everything I hauled....

these quads are super pigmented!!!

i love how this lovely palette is very useful...can be used as e/s, bronzer, highlighter...

some H.i.P cream paints in Secretive, Commanding & Lofty

Two Revlon Lippies

Two H.i.P Duos

these are the revlon lippies

very gorgeous colors

Now On to My B-day Haul!!!

I ordered this online from the sephora website
I got me a Clinique far I love it!!!

also the Sephora faves mascara set

Im so excited to try all of these mascaras

My B-day gift

Free samples!!!

up next is my Sephora & MAC Haul from a couple of days ago...
....and great News...I finally found my shopping buddy...I went to the mall with my friend Steph from work [she understands my addiction; we both love makeup] we had such an awesome time..I cant wait to go shopping with her again !

Tiny sephora haul

this lipgloss is super hot pink this pic doesnt do it justice..and the e/s is soo lovely and super pigmented!!

I have to get more of these eyeshadows!!

this is what "Berry Hot" looks like

and then I got my first Mac Eyeshadow..yep my first one..I see an addiction starting, I was also going to get "Hepcat" but my friend got the last one, she wanted me to get it instead but I couldnt do that to my friend..though I dont know why we didnt just stop by the Macy Mac counter, I guess we were so excited to go to sephora next...

swatches of both eyeshadows

and I got two more lipsticks

aren't they I found that my fave finish is cremesheens

oh and I have been searching high and far for this l/g and I was finally able to get my hands on it through makeupalley...I swapped for a nailpolish, I am so happy to add this to my collection

she also added a few extras...

well this is all  I hope I didnt  bombard u girls with too many pics...

♥Thanx for Reading♥


Arezu said...

Ohh, nice haul!
I keep hearing about the CVS/Walgreens sales and I'm so sad we don't have it here :(
LOL @ finding a shopping buddy, I know what you mean, sometimes it can get boring shopping by yourself.

And, I used to have Satellite Dreams but I returned it cause I really had to pack the colour on and I didn't like it :(

Rai said...

Oooooh loving everything!

AND OMG I WANTED LILAC FIELDS! Where did you get that from?!!!

Modesty looks so much darker in the tube & brighter on your lips.

Erica said...

Girly, I love seeing your hauls, I get good ideas! haha

I love that Sephora cupcake wash, It's my favorite from them, I bought the full-size one and it's gone already!

I also got the HiP paint in Commanding, but I haven't tried it out yet. I've been meaning to get the lash stash but I heard only good things about a few of them, but everyone is different.

Also let me know how the Smashbox lippie holds up because I've been wanting to get one :)

Jasmin said...

Love the haul!!! Cute stuff.

cLaRa711 said...

You got a lot of Stuff! Everything is soo Pretty. Nice MAC Eyeshadow, I can't remember what was my very first MAc shadow...

I think I'm giving up on my NO BUY And heading my behing to CVS at Lunch Time today! >_<


rayqueenbee said...

OH Lovely, everything is super nice...I knew you wouldn't stay way from the 75% sale. We are so makeup!! :)

GirlAboutTown said...

that was some nice haul ;D loveeed the mac lippies! makes me wanan go get some!

yoli said...

love it!

Fifi said...

That was some haul!!
You got your first mac e/s! I'm still lemming for one... lol

Neeyuh said...

Now that's a haul! hehe. You really got some great stuff! :)

EmeraldC83 said...

ohhhh. That Modesty lipstick looks great!

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