Sunday, September 27, 2009

My MAC & Big Lots Anniversary Haul!!

Hey Ladies so for our 4 Yr anniversary my hubby took me to MAC so I could get me some this is what I got from there...

I got a lipglass....a foundation..and my most wanted MAC brush!!

So the lipglass I got is in Viva glam V...such a pretty neutral color, I've been lemming the studio tech foundation so I finally got my hands on that too!! and the brush I got was the 217!!!YAY!!!

So I finally found out what my shade is..Im an far I love the foundation...its provides great coverage and for it being a cream foundation it is super easy to blend...Ive been using my Elf powder brush to apply this and so far soo good!! next Im thinking of buying the blotting pressed powder or a natural MSF..what do u gals think I should get?

and now for my big lots, Target, & Wal-mart haul!!

I got this Herbal essence scrunching gel..cuz sometimes I doo scrunch my hair..Ive only used it once and so far soo all HE products it smells amazing!!

an e/s brush for 8o¢

this revlon mascara and cream eyeshadow pack only $4

I picked up some revlon this is how I found out I have way too many lippies...I already own sassy!!

But I love the packaging so I guess now I have a backup

very gorgeous colors....rosewood is shimmery coral color and sassy mauve is a very creamy color

this N.Y.C palette I got at Target...very wearable colors

also at target a makeup organizer from studio tools...Im using this to place the makeup I wear often :D

and lastly at walmart I got the neutrogena moisture shine gloss in groove!!

Image Hosted by

a very pretty pale pink color

I bought him his fave cake..cookies N cream Ice cream cake..!!

Thats all for this weekend ladies...Take care and I hope u all have a safe week!!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

FOTD: Blue & Purple

Well not from today but from 9-12-09..I hope u like it, this was my inspiration...even tough hers was much better and she used pigments I hope u like it!! I had been wanting to post this a long time ago but I always ended up posting other things!! I might go to MAC this weekend so wait for a haul and also I;m thinking of buying Sigma brushes...what do u girls think?? Should I?? If so what kit shall I get??

On to the FOTD!!

Johnson's softlotion
Rimmel Fix & Perfect
Maybelline Mineral Power foundation "light5"
Sonia kashuk hidden agenda concealer palette
MAC Blush "Coygirl"
L'oreal De-crease
120 Palette
E.l.f eyeliner pen "black"
Revlon cs eyeliner
L'oreal Voluminous mascara
NYX round l/s "power"
America's Next Top Model in "pinkliscious"
Thanx for reading!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Two Weekend mini haul...

So I got these items in the span of two weekends...most of the products I got were lipsticks of course!!

So I got 4 new lippies...these first 3 are N.Y.C "mousse", CQ "Mod", L'oreal "nude"

I got the NYC lippie because I saw this beautiful shade on shizznizzle blog...if u are not following her blog u should def should..she has great taste in the products she go chesck her for the CQ lippie, I was looking at this cosmetic line which Ive only seen at Walmart and they had a great range of lip shades..this one was so pretty I had to grab it, I got it for about $3.50 I think..the L'oreal Nude was such a nice nude color I just got the way I hate the smell of this lipstick..its so ewwwww..but I love the color so Ill just add lipgloss on top to make it smell better :D

and the 4th lippie I got was from Maybelline's new line called "Make me pink"..I got a $1 off coupon from glamour magazine so I took advantage of it... I had heard so many great review on this lippie line so I had to have it..the first review I saw was from hollyannaeree
and I loved how that shade looked on her but I didnt like it on me so I got "make me pink" instead

then from a makeupalley swap I got this NYX megashine l/g in Lollipop..all i have to say is this is such a gorgeous color!!

she sent me a little extra

I also got some NYC quick dry np which I love!!

wetnwild gel eyeliner..also had to have because of its amazing reviews!! this is so easy to use..I love it!!

the brush I use with this sonia kashuk bent e/l brush

also this Paris hilton mini size perfume that I've always wanted to was $6 dollars so I said why not...
well that's all any questions let me know!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Organizing My lippies...THANX to Enkore!!

Hey my lovely ladies so guess what I did today I went ahead and decided to organize my lippies because I was sick of having them all over the place[I was also inspired by seeing Kimberley's makeup stash] where do I go to find DIY tips??? Of course to Enkoremakeup...this is his second DIY idea I snatch up...the first one would be the homemade brush cleaner..I was so hesistant to do this because it looks like a lot of work, and it is but once you get the hang of's well worth it!! If you havent seen this vid click here so u can see it!!

So here is some of my unorganized lippie stash...BEFORE!!

I used a cereal box and a popcorn build this..took me about 45 min to an hr to finish

I think I did a pretty awesome job!!

and this is the end result I put the organizer inside the plastci container where they were before, it fits pretty nicely

it looks wayyyyyyyy better..I love it

and here is where I keep the rest of my lippie stash

I really hope you girls try this because it makes a dramatic difference to your organization...I hope u find this a little helpful..Thanx for reading!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

NYX Round lippie haul + a little of something else

So let me start with my NYX haul...I ordered mostly round lippies that I had my eye on ever since I saw Shizznizzle's post...she made these lippies so hard to resist...I didnt order them sooner because I was waiting for a when they had free shipping a while ago I took advantage of the situation and just placed a small order

[Click to ENLARGE]

I also got the jumbo e/s pencil in Milk...I have a couple of the NYX jumbo pencils and I am thinking of desticking them...what do you guys think???..please let me know

Today I went to walmart and decided to pick up some cg e/s..I havent bought cg ina while because most of the e/s that I have bought before had sucky pigmentation...but somehow today I felt like getting some of their e/s and YES I was pleased with the pigmentation on these babies..especially the "blossom" palette

Oh and at walgreens I got some wetnwild stuffies...mostly eyeliners

The techno e/l was being a dummy....the tip of the pencil was all wiggly like it was going to break of...Soooooo I decided to destick it using the whole "melt in the microwave" method

and I love the this is why I am thinking of just doing this to all my NYX jumbo pencils

The consistency of my new "cream shadow" is kind of comparable to e.l.f duo cream e/s

So this was my haul for this weekend..I dont think Im picking up anything tomorrow I really need to slow down on the spending....

OHHH guess what my hubby won a brand new cell phone at work and the sweetest thing is that he gave it to me...isnt it cool???
well I'll let you girls go cuz it's almost 5 am and Im here blogging...*NIGHT LADIES!!!

BTW: Sorry If I bombarded u girls with pics

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