Monday, January 31, 2011

January Collective haul

Hey ladies this is my January Collective haul....hope you like it :D

CVS 75% off haul!!

Pink Blush, Cherry Crush, Sparkling nude

Swanky, Snazzy


Warm Soul

Color Concept Palette=Amazing!!

Diamond Cosmetics palette , eyebrow brush

Happy Boosting Bronzer, Happy Boosting blush in Natural

Elf liquid lipsticks

random swatches of the elf liquid lipsticks

Sunset Peach, Peony

Sunset Peach, Peony

Thanks For Reading :D


Jess said...

Wow..what an amazing haul! I luv those hip colors and the eyeliners. I'm a feen for the 75% off stuff at cvs! I have the sunset peach gloss..ur gonna luv it

Jennifer said...

great haul ! They're such a steal with 75% off!!

Rai said...

You haul more than me! lol I love Warm Soul. :D
I want to try some of those Colorburst lipglosses. How are they compared to the super lustrous glosses?

ShreddingIt said...

So much pretty!! Thanks for sharing!

she walks iin beauty said...

Wow you got some amazing things!
Thanks for entering my giveaway and checking out my blog. I've been following yours for a while now. (:
I never used to enter giveaways because I thought I had no chance in winning, but after I won for the first time I realized that if I don't try, I don't stand a chance.
Good luck! (:


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