Saturday, January 10, 2009

E.L.F Wishlist :D

Ive been looking into buying these for a while now..they are from the elf studio line..I just want to know whether they are worth if any of u ladies have these..let me know!!
it looks so kute I want it!!---> small angled brush

love this one too---> Powder brush

and this one---> Complexion brush

ive seen alot of girls brag about this one...compared to the this one is probably a yes
blush & bronzer compact

eyebrow treat & tame

I want all of should I get them?? Are they worth it??
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kimberley said...

Wow! the UK elf dosent have any of this stuff:( that blush looks exactly like nars:O Its worth getting just for that fact lol

Tammy said...

I only have the blush/bronzer out of what you have listed, but I LOVE it!! So worth it!! I also have the liner/lip brush combo that I also love. I think you should try these brushes..everything from this studio line seems to be of really good quality. Use code Carolina for a 50% discount..I'm not sure how much you need to spend to apply it, I think it's $20.

Yas said...

I haven't tried any of those babes but I have the studio dark eyebrow kit and love it. Its the same as the benefit or my stila brow powder and works just as well so I would def recommend that one. Let me know if you try out anything else!

Vanessa M. said...

the duo is a deff yes!!! and yes get the other one too! lol

Kimberly Tia said...

ohhhh i have the blush/bronzer duo - honestly for the price girl -- you can't go wrong - I have them and did a review on that duo, cuz I didn't wanna break the bank and get the actual NARS duo - GO FOR IT, you'll be glad u did =)
It's a total NARS dupe, not as heavily pigmented but to get "the look for less" is better way to go.

love Teeeeeeee-UH

Anonymous said...

I think I would definitely get the blush and bronzer! It looks really good!!!

Anonymous said...

this is what i say skip on the brushes because they're crappy qualities. do get the other stuff because i've seen good review on it!!

i want that NARS wannabe thingy!!!

GlamouriizeMe said...

The brushes are a crappy quality...but they are good to have for those days you want to play around and not use your good brushes. it is always good to have back ups. :) Ps. love ur blog.

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