Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Review: Prestige Classic Lipsticks

Where I bought these: Walgreens

Price: [onsale] for $1.29
Usually run from $3.99-4.99

What the Prestige Webstite claims:

Prestige Classic Lipstick offers intense color depth in a lightweight, creamy formula.
Comfortable, long-wearing shades, with moisturizing ingredients, keep lips soft and smooth.

**Note: Always and of course must you have your lips well moisturized and if available a good base is always an option, If u have trouble with dried here for more info on how to prevent this problem.

What I think!!

In my opinion, I think these are one of the best lippies that I have tried out of the drugstore brands. These lippies do go on very creamy and stay on for a very good amount of time before u have to reapply.Before applying the l/s I always apply my carmex, just a light coverage to make sure theyre not to dry for the l/s...the l/s goes on very smoothly...these lippies are very comparable to the NYX round l/s..only they do last a little longer than if u gals have a nearby walgreens go check if these are on sale..if not, the $4 would not be a bad price to purchase these!!

Final Verdict!

I will def go back to walgreens and purchase more of these :D
Any questions???Let me know.
Thanx ladies and I hope my review was helpful :D Buh BYE!!

BTW I did purchase two more l/s [slipper, fever] and two l/l [tomango, baby] a couple of days ago so here are the new ones I bought:

slipper kinda looks a little darker than spunky..and fever kinda looks like "indian pink" from NYX

I bought tomango cuz it's such a vibrant red..I needed a red l/l, and I got baby just cuz the color was too cute not to buy...


Yas said...

Love the baby...have you tried shimmer? Its one of my favs from the line. Thanks so much babes for the review on the lippies. I haven't ever tried their ls before!

FuN and MakeUp said...

i love the fever one! its so hard to find myself good nice color lipsticks like the ones i see on everyones blog... sigh....

Anonymous said...

Hot PInk!!!

How many l/s do u have now??? you don't have to tell me because i know u have a lot!!!

loving the colors you got and the packaging on those are not bad !

Vanessa M. said...

nice colors!

Makeup Mama said...

Ooh, so many pretty colours! Those things are like $7 in Canada!

btw, wasn't sure if you saw my response to your question, but I use microsoft office picture manager for my pics. hth!

Neeyuh said...

Great review!! Everytime I see prestige around here everything is always sold out, so maybe one day when i'm lucky and their stocked up I'll give these a try! lol.

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