Thursday, January 15, 2009

Top 5 Color tricks for lips :D

So I got this info from "The beauty book", It's a couple of tricks that I thought u gals might be interested in!!! So here we go....

  • Orangy red lipsticks will highlight yellowy teeth, while bluey reds make them look whiter.

  • Light shades-particularly shimmery or frosted ones- will make lips look bigger.

  • Dark shades or very matte colors will make lips look smaller.

  • If you are fairly tanned you should choose a slightly darker shade of lipstick than you would without your tan or you can look washed out.
  • Using sheer lipsticks and lip stains is an ideal way for the nervous to branch out into deep shades like plums, raisins, and reds.

Well I hope all this info is helpful...and if any of u ladies have any ???'s please let me know..till later buh-bye!!!


Neeyuh said...

Ohh that pink shade is HOT!! Makes your lips look sexy! hehe.

Thanks sooo much for the tips. One that I really like is putting concealer around the lips and blending it slightly into the lip line to prevent lipstick from feathering. =)

Holly said...

great tips x

Holly said...

great tips x

Anonymous said...

Hot Pink!!! Oh yes!! pink purple look!!! Oh yes!!! I love it!!!

looking hot mama!!

i like how u added a lil guide line about lip colors!! Thanks!!

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