Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Beauty Book???

So I have this book I bought about two months ago...and since I have my new cosmo book I no longer am using this one so...I am trying to figure out what to do with it. Should I give it away, do a contest and have it be the prize..swap it or what!!! So if u girl have any suggestions let me know..thanx in advance :D this is what the cover looks like
table of contents

and a glimpse inside the book..well I hope u girls can help me out with my dilemma.


Makeup Mama said...

Hey, thanks for following! Oh and I say try and do a's like getting goodies for free :)

mizzworthy said...

Yeah, do a swap! That way you win too lol!

Ahleessa said...

Yeah, you should swap it so you get something at the end too. :)

Miss Undastood said...

I would swap it with you. I have a TON of new/slightly used makeup that I do not mind swapping. Also, I give away TONS of it all the time because I have so much. LOL. Let me know

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