Saturday, May 30, 2009

Eotd: Gold*Purple!!

Hey is your weekend going so far..I hope you are all having a blast..I have been spending an awesome weekend with my hubby!! I have been shopping around for some I'll post up my collective haul later for now here is the look I wore yesterday..enjoy!!

I love taking pix!!
"fake smile" :D

Me & My Hubby!!

I totally need a new I can really show off the true colors of the look...
I'm thinking of buying a Sony cybershot [I forgot the model #] but I'm really thinking about it cuz it's $280 so I need to know if it's really worth it :D

I love the lip combo I used :D

WHat I USED!!!
Johnsons's Softlotion
Rimmel Fix+Perfect
SK hidden agenda concealer palette
Revlon CS Foundation "true beige"
Revlon CS Pressed powder "light medium"
Wetnwild Loose blush "pinched pink"
Revlon matte l/s "pink pout"
NYX Megashine l/g "smokey look"
L'oreal Decrease
NYX jumbo e/s pencil "gold"
L'oreal hip duo "wicked"
Sally girl quad "lucky love"
L'oreal H.i.P gel e/l "black"
Revlon CS eyeliner "black"
Almay triple effect mascara "black"
I hope u like...let me know what ya think!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Comment Setting!!!

I cant comment on some blogger babes posts u need to check ur comment settings..cuz it's not allowing comments to be posted...I have noticed this on many blogs...because I too had this girlies check your comment settings..dont use the "Embedded below post" setting...Just a little advice!! I hope this helps!!

EDIT!!! Contest entry for Katie!!

this is a contest entry for Katie's contest!!
we have to post pics of our these are the pix of my weird fabulous obsessions!!!
So I added my nail polish collection and my magazines!!!

so I used to have a thing for writing in a journal on a daily basis..I bought alot of them and only filled some of them up

For some reason I also developed a weird obsession to collect pens...everytime we went to a store, I would buy a pen or a pack of pens...crazy I know!!

and as of lately like many of obsession has been make-up!!

so yep this is my weird obsessive collections...I hope u girls dont think Im a weirdo now :D

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Review: Revlon falsies

So ladies I am here to review these revlon fantasy lenghts false eyelashes and revlon runway collection press on nails that were sent to me by the lovely Janet from revlon...I know many beauty bloggers have already done a review on these but here are my 2 cents, i really hope this is helpful :D

I'll start with the Fantasy lengths ...I tried Defining today and first of all let me tell you I am such a dummy when it comes to applying falsies..but I swear these have been the easiest eyelashes that I have applied...I have some other ones that I never use and forgot about since I couldn't apply them...but these babies were so easy to appy and I didn't have to mess with any messy glue..two of these come with self adhesive strips so I guess this made it so much easier to apply since I never know when eyelash glue is ready
So this is what I received:
Revlon Fantasy lengths: LUSH
This pair comes with maximum wear glue..these eyelashes are so crazy, I love them :D

Revlon Fantasy Lengths: BLACK-BROWN
Also come with maximum wear glue and are more on the natural looking side

Revlon Fantasy Lengths: DEFINING
These come attached with a self adhesive strip on the lashes and an extra strip on the packaging [very convenient]

Revlon Fantasy Lengths: INTENSIFYING
These are a little more glam...and also come with self adhesive strips

Final Verdict:
The good...very affordale [$5-6], easy to apply, variety of styles, come with dummy proof!!
The bad...self adhesive strips stick to your fingers alot, made a little tricky to apply [only flaw I noticed]

Now on to the revlon runway collection!! I so love these nails...once on they look so real, plus this little package comes with everything you need to apply these nails with precison and perfection, the only bad thing I see regarding these nails are these damn air bubbles I couldnt get rid off, but other than that these are beautiful...the designs are so pretty and they look like you spent so much money getting them professionally done, the medium lenght on these nails are perfect they are not too short or too long which allow you to basically do everything you normally do with no problem!!

Revlon Runway collection :STELLA

Revlon Runway collection :STARLET

These come with a nail pick, nail filer, and 3g nail glue

Well I hope this review helped a little
let me know if you need any more information!!

EOTD: Sand Castle!!

HEY girls!!! well it is late at night and I was bored and dont have to work tomorrow so I decided to play with my new this look I did was using my new wetnwild palette in "sand castle"..this palette is amazing if you don't have it, YOU NEED TO BUY IT!!! well on with the EOTD!!
excuse the jacked up hair and clothes!! [focus on my face]lol!!

for my lips I used Milani "two perfect"
Close-up on the eyes

and now for some cam-whoring!!

and this is all the things I used!! any questions on what I used..please let me know and I'll answer back as soon as I can :D
GOOD mornig ladies..since it's already 2 A.M

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Target mini haul

So today was a rainy day here in san all I had time to do was go to Target..I got some makeup...I looked at the sonia Kashuk line first and I saw many new things...the line had new brushes..they are double sided brushes..which I was very tempted to buy!! and I also saw that sk has gel e/l..also very tempted to buy!! they were also stocked on their blending sponges and highlighting brushes [which are very hard to find]...I was also going to buy a sk blush but I put it back :( now I wish I had bought it... So thanx to Vanessa form and her awesome review I just had to buy the milani lipgloss-lipstick set..I liked it but I think it's a little too drying..maybe I need to try it more : D, I also got the Sk hidden agenda concealer palette which I love!! , and wetnwild ultimate expressions e/s palette in sand castle..super pigmented!!

oh!! and studio tools has a new's a skunk brush!! I was so surpeised that it really doesn't shed!!

I did some swatches for u girls..I hope u like them...till next time :D

Have an awesome weekend!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

We did it!!!

So we finally did and the hunnie tied the knot today...and OMG!!! I was so nervous, I was sweating like a mofo!! I only post up one pic since it's not beauty related ..but if u want to see more let me know :D [This is us with the judge who married us!!]
Afterwards we went out to eat then we went to Six flags with the in-laws since we all have the season pass :D

Monday, May 18, 2009

Avon Haul!!

Ladies today I got my Avon haul after waiting for it for a good I ordered mostly glazewears since they were on special for $1.99...I love the colors I chose, which are mostly pinks!! I also ordered some other stuff..I ordered the gel e/l with the bent e/l brush but the gel liner was missing :( I was a little disappointed but she said she would take it to me I guess I'll be ok!! lol!! So for now I took pics of the glazewears, colortrend mini e/l , and the bent e/l brush :D

So I got 5 glazewears...darlink pink, tickled pink, rave, berry cool, & chic mauve

I got two colortrend mini e/l...I love these they glide on super smooth.. I got dark brown and black

and this is the bent e/l brush [gel liner missing] I put it next to my cell so u girls could see how tiny it is..I actually pictured it bigger ..

and here are the swatches to the glazewears..I didnt swatch the e/l since they are basic back and brown..I hope u ladies find this helpful and any questions let me know :D

BTW I am making my list to see what I'll buy when I go to MAC..I didnt go this weekend cuz on saturday it was raining and on sunday we went to Six I'll probably go next weekend :D

Thursday, May 14, 2009

M.A.C Help!!

So today I went to the mall with the hubby to look for wedding bands...yes I know we are so late on buying them [our wedding day is in a week] n*e ways we were looking around and he ended up wanting to go to the apple mac I decided to go to the "M.A.C" makeup store.....I was very intimidated to go in ...the hunny had told me to buy anything that I wanted but....I have no idea what to buy..there were too many things to see at once and I kinda felt my question is....
What do u girls think should be my first m.a.c purchase???

I want to buy things that I'll love and that I'll use please help me :D

Thanx in advance

Take care ladies!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Friendship Award

I got an award from Rochelle's the friendship award thanx Rochelle I am honored

The rules are:
1. Take your award here
2. Put the logo on your post
3. Link the person who awarded you
4. Nominate at least 7 other bloggers
5. Add the links of those bloggers on yours.
6. Leave a message for your nominees
I would like to nominate.......

Saturday, May 09, 2009


My cherryculture NYX haul arrived yesterday!! YAY!! It got here faster than I this is what I ordered:
NYX round lipstick in mars, NYX round lipgloss in natural and pinky natural and NYX junbo e/s pencil in Pots & Pans

I also ordered 10 NYX ultra pearl mania pigments...I got:
true purple
white baby pink

I already depotted them into their new containers with my L.A colors loose e/s they look so pretty!!

and this is the look I wore today...just a very natural look :D
I hope u are all having a great weekend :D

Friday, May 08, 2009

MY mini weekend haul :D

I finally went to Michael's and purchased the brush cleaning jar, I havent used it yet but I'm pretty sure I'm going to Love was $5.49!! Great Deal :D
At walgreens I saw these sinfulcolors nail polish..they were "tropical" shades..Ive always seen these before but I really never thought about buying them..till I saw these amazing colors lets see how I like them : )
ooh emmm geeee!!! I bought some N.Y.C quick dry nail polish at walmart and they are a super new formula that is amazing!!! I am using the "uptown" shade right now and I love dries quickly and to an awesome finish!! you've got to try these!!!!

I also bought this rimmel london foundation primer...I used it today and I like the way it works for now...I'll see if it keeps working :D
at a dollar store down the road I bought two more L.a colors loose e/s and another n/p...pretty shades!

Well I hope you all like my haul...Take care ladies!!

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